The Langsand festival 2019

This wonderful festival takes place on a 2 km long beach on Sandhornøy, Gildeskål, just south of Bodø in Nordland county on 5-6 July.

The Langsand festival 2018
16.07.201814:24 Lill Hilde Kaldager

The festival starts on Friday at 19.00 with good music, bar and food; 18 years age limit.

On Saturday we start at 12.00 and have a great programme for everybody until 16.00, no admission fee and no age limit.

In the evening we continue with great concerts, bar and food; 18 years age limit.

Festival tickets: 1200 NOK for both days, 750 NOK for one day. Buy tickets here.

Perfect for camping, service building "Pepper" with toilets and showers near by!

Contact kaldager@langsanden.no for more information in English.

Lars Westvig
Langsanden area sun set